There are some really scary critters out there and you ought to find out who they are!

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trip-660x565Ehat you see above is the tripodero, a ferocious beast of American lumberjack lore, was said to have a four-power scope on its pellet-shooting mouth. The artist here left that out, though, because it would have really just been over the top.

In a country as ours, it’s not rare to find mentions of mythology and mythical creatures that crowd our varied religious, cultural and regional folklore. Most of us have heard one too many stories of the devilish rakhshas and the evil dayan lost in worlds of grandma’s tale casket. But such stories and creatures are not just an aspect exclusive to our land – America, also has the most ridiculous mythical creatures the world has ever known. Nowhere else has a mythology formed so beautifully in a perfect amalgam of too much whiskey, too little sleep, and perhaps some accidentally consumed magic mushrooms.

These are America’s little-known “fearsome critters,” which came principally from lumberjack lore – a bunch of ‘fearsome critters’ dreamed up by the 19th century lumber jacks, working in the logging industry of America, often considered a consequence of their intoxicated lifestyle. It’s interesting to note that these creatures have a fantastic way to sense the ways of our world and prey upon it accordingly.

Original Source: Wired